#§  Business-Information-Dispatcher - INSTALL
#§  (C) 2007 - BID - Project - Group
#§  ------------------------------------------------------
#§  EMail: aotto1968 at
#§  ------------------------------------------------------
#§  this software has GPL permissions to copy
#§  please contact AUTHORS for additional information

Installation Instructions

the installation and configuration is done in 2 steps:

 1.  using the "configure" script at the top-level of the 
    distribution and provide the requested data

 2.  open the file "config.tcl" and provide additional
    configuration parameters.

to run the "configure" script additional software is required:

 1. tcl     from:

 2. tcllib  from:

to get help on "configure" use:

  sh ./configure --help

to build the tool use:


after build was successful check the installation with:

  > make check

and if everything is ok install the tool with:

  > make install

by default the software is installed at:


and in addition the "bid.bash" tool at:


to read the documentation use:

  > firefox doxygen-doc/html/index.htm

!after! changing the documentation you need to rebuild doxygen-doc:

  > make doxygen-doc

!but! you have to install the tool tcl-dox first:

  > misc/tcl-dox-0.7.tar.gz

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