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Business Information Dispatcher (BID) overview

The BID software was designed to apply business-rules to your eMail 
traffic. A business-rule can be as easy as rewriting a header, to 
route the eMail to an other recipient, up to setup a persistent work-
flow to realize a business-case. The BID software support all aspects 
of business-automation like:

 * receiving eMails from your already available Mail-Transport-Agent
 * analyzing eMails to extract business-information
 * joining and creation of new business-information
 * creating of customized layouts to represent your corporate-identity

Emails are common used to transport business relevant information from 
a sender to a receiver.  Sources of business information are business-
applications, monitoring-applications or just the normal user asking 
for or providing data. The goal of the BID tool was to automate the dis-
patching of this information and to join a business-case with a respon-
sible receiver. A receiver can be a human being or just an other BID 
server customized for a special business-case. The BID server was de-
signed as generic server using a plugin to serve a specific business-rule.
The main features of the BID server are:

 * link into the local Mail-Transport-Agent (UNIX)
 * work as a single stand-alone application or as a peer-to-peer network 
    cluster available on every host in your domain
 * receive emails for local or alias accounts
 * rewrite email headers and join a business case with a responsible receiver
 * parse email bodies to do further processing
 * including a local database to setup a perform a persistent workflow
 * including a service to create HTML emails based on your corporate 
    identity using a template
 * including a service to manage access from your secure internal network 
    to the Internet
 * including a service to detect email spam and reduce network load
 * including a service to access to your local email2sms gateway
 * including a service to setup and maintain an email2sms mobile phone book
 * including a service to monitor your local MTA, BID server and host
 * including a quality framework to test and verify your business-rules

files available

To use the BID tool the shell script wrapper "bid.bash" is available.
bid.bash have to be linked into your local email transport agent using 
the /etc/aliases, /etc/mail/aliases or $HOME/.forward file.

The following sub-directories are available:

  * db ............ file based database
  * doxygen-doc ... documentation
  * lib ........... collection of support libraries
  * logs .......... log-files written by bid.bash
  * plugins ....... business-rule storage as tcl scripts
  * template ...... HTML email templates
  * tests ......... additional test scripts

the next steps

read the documentation:
  > firefox doxygen-doc/html/index.html

run the test cases:
  > make check

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